2018 Descrition
Feb 2019 Watch Your Knuckles | Wood Toxicity | Faceplate Centering | American Holly
Jan 2019 Safety Corner|Beads of Courage| Shop Tips| African Blackwood
Dec 2018 Wear hearing protection| Spraying small parts| Community Outreach| Wood for Turning Ash
Nov 2018 Library Additions|First Aid for Woodturners|FOOD SAFE FINISHES|Wood for Turning Maple
Oct  2018 President’s Challenge Beads of Courage|Is Your Glue Aging|Red Mallee|Safety Tips
Sept. 2018  Open Shops this summer revisited; State Fair revisited ; Shop Tips & Safety Tips

July 2018 01

Shop Safety; Tip of the Month; Final Open Shop of the Summer

Apr 2018 01 President’s letter
Mar 2018 01 May 18th Auction | Pens For Troops
Jan 2018.01 Mentoring Udate | Wood Show 
2017 Descrition
Dec 2017 01 AAW SCHOLARSHIPS|Mentoring Sessions 2018
Nov 2017 01 Dangerous noise.By Marty Gottesman, MD | Dendrology w/ Dennis Knepley
Oct 2017 01 President's Message | PRESIDENT’S CHALLENGE–WHAT IS IT? |  Mentoring News
April 2017 01 Library Update| Member Gina Sutphin turning Elm| Mentoring News
Feb 2017 01 Woodworking Show 2017 Report Bruce Kerns|Book of yhe month|First aid Marty Gottesman,MD|Mentoring News
Jan 2017 01
Safe Turning Marty Gottesman, | Wood Turning Factoid | I am just getting into turning. How do I start
2016 Descrition
Dec 2016 12 Librarian,Robin Moro Book & DVD review; Photo Tips Mark Boyd Club Photographer; Vince Welch The Nitty-Gritty of Sandpaper
Nov 2016 11 Library update:Robin Moro, Franklin Park Conservatory  Exhibition News, Reflections By Tom Hale
Oct 2016 10 How to Securely Hold Turning Stock by Ron Damon
Sep 2016 09 A words from our President: Summer Activities; Marty Gottesman, MD, question to the members.
May 2016 05 Safe Turning Marty Gottesman MD;Straight talk from the WOOD-wide web by Jim Heavey
 Apr 2016 04 Safe Turning by Marty Gottesman,MD: Sharpening Angles for Bowl Gouges By Devon Palmer
Mar 2015 03 Safe Turning By Marty Gottesman, MD; Profile Ernie Conover; TIPS FOR TURNERS
Feb 2016 02 Member Profile: John Hahn   SAFETY TIP:Marty Gottesman MD   
Jan 2016 01 Words From Your President
2015 Description
Dec 2015 12 When the bandsaw fights Naeem Khan, WHAT IS A BODGER? By Max Kackstetter
Nov 2015 11 WOOD TURNING – WHAT YOU NEED by by Marty Kaminsky
Oct 2015 10  Introduction to Woodturning Tool Sharpening By Devon Palmer
Sep 2015-09 SAFE TURNING: By Marty Gottesman, MD
May 2015-05 Member Profile Devon Palmer
April 2015-04 Member Profile: Nelson Meyer Nancy Kerns
Mar 2015-03 Member Profile: Dennis DeVendra:  Max Kackstetter  Club Members' Preferred Woodturning Websites
Feb 2015-02 Members profiles:Paul Courtright, Mark Boyd, January's Guest Turner Rudy Lopez review
Jan 2015_01 Members profiles:Floyd Anstaett and MikeTrucco. /Chucking Wood by Mike Peace. / Dec. Meeting Highlights.



Dec2014-12 Chris Ramsey Bowl raffle winner Diana Marcil, Member Profile Barbara Crockett,Bruce Kerns “Pink Turnings”
Nov 2014 11 Members Profile: Jim Baumgardner,  Ron Damon by Naeem Khan.  Paul Bunyan show Demo, October Mentoring Session.
Oct 2014 10 Member Profiles of Fred Dutton and Ed Miller, Basic first aid for Woodturners by Marty Gottesman, MD
Sep 2014 09 How I Beat My Dust Blues by Naeem Khan, Members Profile: Walt Betley, John Herrel
Aug 2014 08 State Fair demo, Holy Spirit Auction, Tree Identification Nature Walk and COW Club Picnic
July 2014 07 Dennis DeVendra on Broad and High, Nelson Meyer's Safari to Tanzania, in Africa, Acolades for Don Leman
May 2014 05 New Iron Turner Steve Wallace, Lathe maintenance Naeem Khan, Safe Turning Marty Gottesman, MD
Apr 2014 04 Mark Waninger Segmenting, Safe Turning,Marty Gottesman, MD, Youth Turning Mansfield Ohio, Jim Baumgardner led March’s mentoring session on sharpening
Mar 2014 03 Turning Demo with Freddy Dutton and Gene Hull, Safe Turning with Marty Gottesman MD
Feb 2014 02 Mark Damron demo hollow form, Bruce Kerns Beginners Corner, January Mentoring at Woodcraft tips on finishing.
Jan 2014 01 Arn Ward Demo, Show and tell
2013 Description
Dec 2013 12 Lost Wood Demo, Pens for Troops mentoring, Pens To The Vets by Robin Moro
Nov 2013 11 Youth Turning for the Ohio School for the Deaf, Show & Tell
Oct 2013 10 News of Sept. meeting, Words from the President
Sept 2013 09 New COW metting Place, J.R. Beall open shop tour
Aug 2013 08

Mike Trucco Open Shop, 2013 Symposium, State Fair Demo

June 2013-06

C.O.W. Ends Year On Festive Note

May 2013-05 First Iron Turner Winner, Young Turners Program, Doll Lumber Field Trip
Apr 2013-04

Devon Palmer Demo, The Woodworking Show, Kirk DeHeer Demo

Mar 2013-03

Multi-Axis Turning with Jim Burrowes

Feb 2013-02

Metal Spinning with Dale Miner

Jan 2013-01

Tool Sharpening Made Easy With Doug Thompson



Feb 2012-02

Jim Burrowes Hollow Form Demo, Mike Sorge Diamond bowl Demo

Mar 2012-03

Surface Enchancement, EZ Wood Tools, Coring Demos

Apr 2012-04

Ray Feltz Segmented Turning Demo

May 2012-05

Mark St Leger Demo

Sep 2012-09

State Fair Recap, Schedule for Year

Oct 2012-10

Timed Team Turning Challenge

Nov 2012-11

Mini Lathe Vacuum Chuck Demo, Phoenix Bat Company Tour

Dec 2012-12

Keepsake Christmas Ornament Demos, Accessible Lathe Progam



Jan 2011-01

Andi Wolfe Surface Enhancement Demo, Jim Burrowes Goblet Demo Photos

Feb 2011-02

Jim Burrowes Multi-Axis Goblet Handout

Mar 2011-03

Kirk DeHeer Demo

Apr 2011-04

Corring Mentoring Session

May 2011-05

Silent Acution, Swap Meet

Sep 2011-09

Michael Hosaluk Demo, State Fair, Young Turner Program & Open Shop Recaps

Oct 2011-10

Chuck Kemp Goblet With Captive Ring Demo

Nov 2011-11

Small Gifts Demo

Dec 2011-12

Tool Techniques Demo



Jan 2010-01

December Gallery Highlights, Tribute to Jean Davis, Ask the Pros, Meet the Turner DEVON PALMER,TOM HITCH

Feb 2010-02

Betty Scarpino Candlestick Handout, Russ Fairfield Article On Chucks, Ask the Pros Meet the turner Mark Damron, John Herrel

Mar 2010-03

Betty Scarpino Demo, Ask the Pros, Meet the Turner Ron Fisher,Ron Grady,Mike Trucco

Apr 2010-04

Bruce Kerns Natural Edge Bowl Demo, Meet the Turner Joel Bossley,Nelson Meyer

May 2010-05

Mike Mahoney Bowl Demo, Young Turners Program,

Sep 2010-09

J.R. Beall Open Shop  Meet the turner Bruce Kerns,Dennis DeVendra,Jeff Gerken

Oct 2010-10

Bob Rosand Demo, Barb Crockett 3-Sided Bowl Handout  Meet the turner Nancy Kerns

Nov 2010-11

Barb Crockett 3-Sided Bowl Demo Photos  Meet the turner Andi Wolfe,Joel Hawley



Jan 2009-01

Kirk DeHeer's Sharpening Demystified; Winter Gallery

Feb 2009-02

AAW Medical Insurance, Woodturning on PBS

Mar 2009-03

Mentoring on Steriods Demos

Apr 2009-04

Don Leman Open Segmenting Demo, Young Turners Program

May 2009-05

Andi Wolfe Surface Enancements Demo, Ohio Designer Craftsmen

Aug 2009-08

Jim Burrowes and Lowell Converse Open Shop Flyer

Sep 2009-09

Ask the Pro Forum, Open Shops Recap, Meet the Turner

Oct 2009-10

Home Grown Demos, Ask the Pros, Meet the Turner

Nov 2009-11

Jean-Francois Escoulen Demo and Class

Dec 2009-12

Freddy Dutton Hat turning Demo, Ask the Pros, Meet the Turner



Jan 2008-01

Mexican Boleros Instructions

Feb 2008-02

Jim Burrowes Multi-Axis Goblet Turning Demo, Tool Handle Turnng Demo

Apr 2008-04

Ron Coleman Demo, Young Turners Program Grant

May 2008-05

Working with Bob Rosand. Stacked Ring Lamination Demo

Jun 2008-06

Best of 2008 (Ohio Craft Museum), Health and Safety Presentation

Aug 2008-08

Recap of First Young Turners Session

Sep 2008-09

Recap of Summer's Open Shops and Young Turners Program

Oct 2008-10

Log to Bowl Demo, High Road Gallery Recap

Nov 2008-11

Chris Ramsey Demo, Final Young Turners Session Recap

Dec 2008-12

Small Projects Demo, Accurate Index Wheel



Jan 2007-01

Mark Sfirri Off-Set Turning,Jamie Donaldson, "Phrugal Photographer Presentation

Feb 2007-02

Non-Wood Material Turning Demo, Turning a Goblet Outline

Mar 2007-03

Chuck Kemp's Long Stemmed Goblet Demo

Apr 2007-04

Jim Burrowes 2 Piece Hollow Form Demo

May 2007-05

Devon Palmer's Turnng a Lidded Box, Dan Dapra's, "Learning the Hard Way"

Sep 2007-09

Young Turners Program at the Village Academy, Summer Open Shop Recap

Oct 2007-10

Ron Grady and Bruce Kerns 4-Cornered Bowl Demo

Nov 2007-11

Graeme Priddle Demo, Lifetime Achievement Awards

Dec 2007-12

Small Projects Demos, Pen Wizard Demo



Jan 2006-01

President's Challenge – Ornaments

Feb 2006-02

Jacques Vesery Demo, Coring Tool Demos, Spindle Turning Basics Demo

Mar 2006-03

"Our Turn Now" Exhibit, Jigs & Stuff, Detergent Stabilization, Safety Lesson

Apr 2006-04

Lowell Converse's Segmented Turning Demo, Nick Cook Demo, Dan Darpa's, "Sweepings"

May 2006-05

Hollowing Technique Demos, Homemade Bandwrench, Alcohol Drying for Green Wood

Sep 2006-09

Jimmy Clewes Demo, Open Shop Recaps

Oct 2006-10

Calendar of Events for Year, Survey Results

Nov 2006-11

Chris Ramsey Hat Demo, Woodcraft Anniversary Demo, Dan Dapra's, "Soft Hands"

Dec 2006-12

Sharpening Systems Demos



Jan 2005-01

Spherical Turning Techniques

Feb 2005-02

Walt Betley's Receives Club's First Lifetime Achievement Award

Mar 2005-03

Club Collaborative Project, Show and Tell

Apr 2005-04

Tool Trade and Swap, Youth Turning Assistance

May 2005-05

Tool Trade and Swap, Youth Turning Assistance

Sep 2005-09

COW Members at AAW Symposium, Open Shop Recap

Oct 2005-10

Femisphere Demo, Richard Ruehle's, "A Wood Turner's Spin on Art Festivals"

Nov 2005-11

Barb Crockett's Multi-Axis Turning Demo, Chuck Kemp's Turning Demo

Dec 2005-12

Small Gifts Turning Demonstration, Kiln for Drying Bowl Blanks



Jan 2004-01

Holiday Gifts Demos, WoodWorks Show Demo

Feb 2004-02

Jim Burrowes Off-Set Turning Demo

Mar 2004-03

Platters and Plates Show and Tell

Apr 2004-04

Ron Coleman Kaleidoscope Demo

May 2004-05

Vacuum Chucking Articl

Jun 2004-06

Show and Tell, Weed Pot Demo

Sep 2004-09

Club, Picnic, Open Show Recap, Freedom Pen Project

Oct 2004-10

Woodcraft Turning Demo, Wood Harvesting Demo

Nov 2004-11

Small Turnings Demos

Dec 2004-12

Stuart Batty Demo, Club Collaborative Project, Finishing Demo



Jan 2003-01

Floyd Anstaett's Presentation on Marketing Work, Walt Betley, Turning Basics Demo

Feb 2003-02

Hollowing Tools Demo, Woodworking Show Recap, Ambrosia Maple

Mar 2003-03

Wood Identification Presentation,

Apr 2003-04

Bob Rosand Demo, William Harsh, Bracelet Instructions

May 2003-05

Floyd Anstaett's and Jim Burrowes Turning Presentations

Jun 2003-06

Kitchen Utensil Demo, Andi Wolfe's Collaborative Works

Aug 2003-07

Top-a-Thon at Barb Crockett's Shop – Flyer

Sep 2003-09

State Fair Demo Recap

Oct 2003-10

Smorgasbord of Turning Demos, State Fair Photos

Nov 2003-11

Ron Coleman Glass Casting Technique, Candlestick Show and Tell